The contract is between Baltic Control and FurEurope's board, and means that potentially 4,000 mink and fox farms are WelFur certified in 2020 by Baltic Control.

FurEurope represents the European fur industry.

The certificate WELFUR include Baltic Control assessment on the basis of the scientific animal welfare protocol WelFur where four principles are:

  • Feeding Conditions
  • Health
  • Storage
  • behavior.

Within a period of max. 3 years, all mink and fox farms that want WelFur certification are assessed within 3 production periods:

  • Mating Period
  • Puppies Season
  • Pelting

The implementation of the certification begins at Welfur. 1 January 2017. WelFur certified fur will be offered European auction houses in December 2018.

If you are interested in obtaining WelFur certification in mink and fox farms, you can do so by signing up at cert@balticcontrol.com