South Sudan

Republic of South Sudan

South Sudanese National Bureau of Standard SSNBS

Consignment Based Conformity Assessment (CBCA)


South Sudanese National Bureau of Standard (SSNBS) has appointed Baltic Control for verification of the conformity of products before shipment to Republic of South Sudan.

CBCA programme starts on 11th January 2017.


  1. Consumer and environment protection
  2. Conformity assurance
  3. Faster release of goods at RSS Customs offices at the RSS borders and the entry points


The exporter lodges a request for certificate with the Baltic Control offices according to the contact details stated in the document attached below. This request should include:

  • Pro-forma invoice / final invoice / packing list / name and contact of the importer and exporter
  • Conformity documents or test reports (issued by ISO 17025 accredited laboratory) that comply with the SSNBS/international standards
  • Certificates related to the management of quality / safety system
  • Information related to the location and provisional date for the goods for the performance of physical inspection of goods before shipment


  1. Baltic Control reviews the information and the documents provided
  2. Contact the customer / exporter to coordinate physical inspection.
  3. Send samples (if necessary) to ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for testing as per appointed standard
  4. Baltic Control verifies consistency and accuracy of data collected during the verification process. Upon satisfactory result and receipt of the final invoice and a transport document, a secured Certificate of Conformity (COC) is prepared, which is accepted by customs employees at the RSS border and the entry points.


Verification will be performed at destination by a Baltic Control team when the goods reach the Republic of South Sudan border and the entry points. Visual inspection of the condition of the shipment and goods packages whenever customs open a consignment.

Leaflet - South Sudan

Request for Certificate

SSNBS Public Notice


Furhter information can be obtained through our Head Office in Denmark or Office in Uganda:

A/S Baltic Control LTD. Aarhus
Sindalsvej 42 B - P.O. Box 2199
DK-8240 Risskov - Denmark
Tel: +45 8621 6211


Baltic Control Inspection Services (U) Ltd.,
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P.O.Box 22707,
Kampala, Uganda.
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