KSO-Succofindo, Indonesia


Baltic Control® has been officially appointed by Indonesia’s KSO SCISI (KSO Sucofindo-Surveyor Indonesia) as from 17th July 2012 to carry out verification and surveys of all Non-B3-Waste Commodities of Latin and South American zone origin to Indonesia. The verification will cover administration and field verification (physical inspections during loading process) in order to provide information such as country of origin data and the description of the goods, the quality and type, the date of shipment and port of destination.

Please contact PSI-KSO@balticcontrol.com for further information.



Baltic Control® has officially been appointed for United Kingdom and Ireland as from 19th August 2013.

Please contact UK@balticcontrol.com for further information.



Step One:

Importer contacts KSO and opens a VO (Verification Order)

Step Two:
KSO forwards the VO to Baltic Control

Step Three:
Baltic Control forwards to the exporter RFI (Request for Information) along with Exporter’s Written Statement (EWS), Introduction Letter and Fees.

Step Four:

Exporter reverts to Baltic Control with RFI, Pro-forma invoice, and preliminary packing list along with any necessary information needed for proceeding with the physical inspection.

5 working days notice is required to schedule/coordinate an inspection accordingly.

Step Five:
Physical Inspection completed

Step Six:

Exporter submits Final Shipping Documents consisting of signed: Final Invoice (one per RFI), Packing List (one per RFI), and EWS (one per RFI) and Bill of Lading  ( is not required but optional) to Baltic Control.

Step Seven:

Baltic Control is to verify Final Shipping Documents and Physical Inspection Results and submit a report through a data base to KSO. LS DRAFT is treated as our internal report and it is KSO Sucofindo, which issues the LAPORAN SURVEYOR (LS) for Customs purposes based on report provided by Baltic Control. Neither the exporter nor the importer needs to receive the copy of LS DRAFT, as this document cannot be used for any other purposes by any other parties but KSO.

Step Eight:

KSO releases Customs documents through system to importer for customs clearance.

Step Nine: quality and quantity certificate, if required:

If exporter agrees to pay for certificate covering quality and quantity in addition to the KSO inspections requirement, BALTIC CONTROL will provide exporter with the necessary certificates.