Certification Services

Baltic Control provides support, counselling develops solutions, makes audits/assessments and issues certificates.

We scrutinize your entire company because even the slightest details can be crucial to your success. We are accredited by Danak to certify that a system, product person or process meets a specific demand. Certification includes preparation, audit, evaluation and certification and subsequently supervision  during the certifications validity.

To meet an increasing demand for food security, animal welfare, sustainability, environment and quality you must be certain that your supply chain is secure. The establishment of a quality control system and getting it certified is a step in the right direction of meeting these demands. Baltic Control can revise and certify the different systems against a number of standards.

We are accredited as DS/EN 17065 certification body and are recognized for making certifications in a number of areas

  1. Animal Welfare
  2. Food and Feed
  3. Sustainability